Seminário de Analise Geométrica

19/04/2017 13h36 - Atualizado em 16/11/2020 às 17h45

Título : The p-Hyperbolicity of Infinity Volume Ends and Cheng's Inequalities.
Palestrante : Marcos Petrúcio de A. Cavalcante - UFAL

Resumo : In this talk we survey some known and new results about Cheng's inequality in many settings. In particular we prove a sharp upper bound estimate for the bottom of the spectrum of the p-Laplacian on complete Kähler manifolds with Ricci curvature bounded from below by a negative constant. A key ingredient in the proof is a characterization of p-hyperbolic ends which carries a Sobolev type inequality. These results are part of a recent joint work with M.Batista (UFAL) and N. Santos (UFPI).

Local : Sala da Pós-Graduação - Bloco 12
Data : Quinta-feira 02/08/2012 Quinta-feira 09/08/2012
Hora : 10:30