19/04/2017 13h36 - Atualizado em 16/11/2020 às 17h45

Inverse Problems in Size-structured Population

Luis Orlando Castellanos Pérez, Universidad de Holguín - Cuba

Resumo: In this talk we present some structured population models that have been developed to describe the behavior of a population consisting of entities as a function of specific intrinsic states. Most of these models can be written as evolutionary PDEs for the density of individuals with a specific structured variable. We focus on the equal mitosis case with variable growth rate. We survey different methods to reconstruct the division (birth) rate from the measured stable size distribution of cell densities. This inverse problem can be formulated as a differential-dilatation equation. In particular, some regularization techniques for tackling this problem are resented.

Local: Sala B do IM-Novo
Data: 26/03/14(Quarta-Feira)
Hora: 09:00